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Are You Breathing..? DOMINICA!”

Dominica has won the prestigious Golden City Gate Award at the ITB Berlin, the world’s leading tourism fair, for the second time.

The award was received at the ITB Cinema by Dominica’s Director of Tourism and CEO of Discover Dominica Authority Mr. Colin Piper (fourth from left), and the German Representatives – Mrs. Kirsten Boucard, Managing Director of Tropical Consult who is representing Dominica in the German speaking markets and Scandinavia, and Mrs. Patricia Massó, Director of Communication Tropical Consult.

Dominica, Virgn of the Caribbean

Dominica, Visitors Paradize!

Immigration and customs: Passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of departure. Visas are not generally required by Commonwealth nationals. Prohibited imports include certain plant material including avocados, bananas, coconuts and coffee; and animal products. Travel within the country:…

Dominica – The Nature Island

Adventure activities, fascinating wildlife, history, culture, beautiful landscapes, sunshine and friendly people – all of these can be found in Dominica Throughout its history the fertile island of Dominica has attracted settlers and colonisers and has been the subject of the military, and often…