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Quiz: Test your knowlege of Energy and Water in Dominica

Phase 2 of the Environmental Survey and Impact Assessment of Geothermal Wells Drilling in the Roseau Valley was released in October 2013. The report was produced by Caraibes Environnement Development group with the goal of assisting the government with planning for environmental prevention and protection, as well as risk management.

The questions in the quiz below were selected from the Environmental Survey and Impact Assessment.

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The world's second largest boiling lake
Another name for the Roseau river is the Queen's River (True or False)
Hydroelectricity is generated by the Freshwater Lake (True or False)
Areas of geothermal activity in Dominica can be found in all these areas except for
The following are signs of geothermal activities except for
The proposed geothermal system in Dominica would produce electricity that cost
In the future electricity from the geothermal plant will be exported to which two Islands



My Dominica

DRAFT – – – For those who are in the diaspora, home is not far away. Each in his or own way preserves a slice of the nature island. My Dominica blog is for all those who continue to showcase the culture and heritage of Dominica at schools, churches, and community events. For the gardeners who plant and harvest. . . performers who dress in national wear to perform traditional songs and dances…hats off to the cooks preparing traditional dishes like bakes and codfish and cocoa tea…my Dominica Blog is for you.  Share garden,share your favorite recipes.




Quiz: Are you prepared for your performance review?

Performance evaluation can be bothersome if you have not planned during the year. More and more managers are requiring employees to write their own self-assessments at the end of the year.  Not withstanding the competing priorities and time constraints, it is no wonder that many are left scratching their heads.  Take the quiz below to find out steps that can be taken  to make the year end  assessments a breeze.

Hello -
- Quiz: Are you ready for your performance review?

Do you save performance related documentation?
Do you create regular status reports?
Did you receive any rewards and recognitions?
Did you volunteer for a department project?
Have you made a suggestion which was implemented?



Water, water everywhere?

Pagua River in DominicaDominica is blessed with an abundance of lakes and rivers. All citizens have to fight for the protection of this precious resource. Of course, it is a balancing act dealing with growth and development, preservation, and climate change. However, when there is a call to action preservation and sustainability should always prevail.

DA waterfall_photo by Rosette RabessWorld Water Day was celebrated on March 22 in Japan. The theme for the annual event which was coordinated by UNIDO and the United Nations (UN) was Water and Energy.  World Water Day focuses on the importance of freshwater and sustainable management of the water resources. The message from the president of The General Assembly of the UN John W Ashe from Antigua and Barbuda pointed to the global demand for water which was expected to increase by 50% in the first half of this century. Mr. Ashe called for protection of the world’s water supply. According to Mr. Ashe “We only have the planet we live on, and if we are to leave it in a reasonable state for the next generation, the quest for a safer, cleaner, and more equitable world is one that should consume us all” (UN website, 2014)

According to the UN website 13 billion people are without electricity, 768 million with no access to water supplies and 2.5 billion with no improved sanitation.

Meanwhile, survey results from the World Economic Forum identified water crisis as the third highest global risk facing the world (Global Risk Perception Survey, 2013-2014). The study defined water crisis as “A significant decline in the quality and quantity of fresh water combines with increased competition among resource-intensive systems, such as food and energy production” (Global Risk Perception Survey, 2013-2014, p. 53).

The survey pointed to mismanagement and increased competition for scarce resources due to activities in the economy and population growth.

According to the Global Agenda Council on water security, water is important in the production of energy and pointed to the negative impacts of floods and drought on the water supplies. Additionally, not only is the amount of water an issue, the quality of the water could also be impacted by pollution.


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