Tout your own horn

Whether you are switching careers or looking for a move with your current employer. It is important to showcase your skills and  accomplishments on your resume and during the interview. Do not miss the opportunity to demonstrate that you are recognized and respected and will be a value add to any company. Don’t short changed yourself. Here are 5 questions to consider.

  1. Did you make a suggestion to improve or streamline your job function?
  2. Did you train new hires or help your co-workers?
  3. Were you selected or volunteered for a cross functional team project?
  4. Were you recognized for your contribution for wowing your customers?
  5. Did you received a meets and exceeds rating on your performance review?

You may think these things insignificant, however, they point to your creativity, leadership and communication skills. Being a team player and stepping up during crunch time are valuable assets. Tout on . . .

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