Quiz: All About Dominica #2

Pagua River in DominicaHow much do you know about Dominica? Find out with this quiz.

Quiz: All about Dominica #2

1) In what year did Dominica attained independence from Britain?
2) True or False? Dominica was a member of The West Indies Federation in 1957-1962
3) The premier in power when Dominica attained Independence from Britain was _______________
4) Which island in the Windward Islands is the largest?
5) True or False? The Yellow River is a tributary of the Castle Bruce River.
6) The following two islands speak French Kwéyòl ______________.
7) Hurricanes David and Frederick stroke Dominica in ______________.
8) Christopher Columbus first sighted the island of Dominica on _________voyage to the New World.
9) True or False? Bon swè in Kwéyòl means good night
10) The book Wide Sargasso Sea was written by _____________.



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