Quiz: All About Dominica #3



How much do you know about Dominica? Test your knowledge of Dominica's history, culture, and geography with these trivia questions

Prince Rupert Bay is located in _________________.
Geneva Estate was named after the owner's home in which country?
True or False? The Kwéyòl language has its roots in French and West African languages.
True or False? Dominica is the most mountainous island in the Caribbean
Dominica was one of the ___________ islands to be fully colonized.
In what year did Dominica obtain Associated Statehood from Britain?
Which island is not part of the Windward Islands?
This system was designed to help with the transition from slavery to freedom by making the ex-slaves remain on the plantations for six years.
True or False? Roseau Reed or “wozo” are tall grasses also known a wild cane (True or false)
Morne Trois Pitons National Park was designated as a National Park under the National Parks and Protected Areas Act No.16 of July 1975.



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