Caribbean Quiz #2



How much do you know about the Caribbean? Test your knowledge of the islands history, culture, and geography with these trivia questions

1) The book entitled In The Castle of My Skin was written by which of the following Caribbean writers?
2) Viv Richards played on the Leeward Island Cricket team,True or False?
3) The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is located in the island of
4) St. Kitts came under sole English control through the Treaty of Utrecht in what year?
5) UNESCO stands for "United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization" True or False?
6) The Dominican band Grammacks was formed in the village of
7) The following verse is taken from the National anthem of which island?

love the land that gave us birth,
land of beaches, hills and valleys,
fairest isle of all the earth
Where soever you may roam,
love, oh, love our island home.
8) Kensington Oval and Queen's Park Savannah are associated with which sport?
9) What is the capital of Barbados?
10) Patrick Manning is a former prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, True or False?

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