Dominica Quiz #5

How much do you know about Dominica? Test your knowledge of Dominica’s musicWCK image with these trivia questions

1) True or False? WCK stands for Windward Caribbean Kulture
2) Culture Shock, One More Sway, Follow the Leader were albums produced by which Dominican band?
3) True or False? R.S.B stands for Roots, Stems and Branches
4) Level vibes, Watch Ya, Incline Jam were albums produced by this Dominica band.
5) True or False? First Serenade started in 1984 in the village of Point Michel
6) True or False? Recording artist Nasio Fontaine was born in the village of Bagatelle?
7) He was the leader and founder of Exile One band
8) Who was the lead singer of the band Grammacks?
9) True or False? The following bands originated in Dominica: Black Affairs, Black Machine, Mantra, Belles Combo
10) In Dominica, Bouyon is associated with . . .


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