Dominica Quiz #4

How much do you know about the Dominica? Test your knowledge of the island history, culture, and geography with these trivia questions


1) Which mountain is not located in Dominica?
2) True or False? The motto on the Coat of Arms of Dominica means "After God the Land"
3) Who was the Prime Minister of Dominica when the United States invaded Grenada?
4) In what year did Hurricane David strike Dominica?
5) Who designed Dominica's national flag?
6) True or False? The IMF stands for International Monetary Fund.
7) Dominica was ceded to the British by which of the following treaties?
8) Who was the first administrator of Dominica during Crown Colony Rule in 1898?
9) Which of the following movies was filmed in Dominica?
10) Who was the clerk of the House of Assembly when Dominica gained statehood in 1967?


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